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        The decoration lamps are wrongly selected, which may hurt the eyes. The lighting precautions are all here.

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          As the most relevant item in the family, many people neglect its importance, and the style and needs of the lamps vary from room to room. Compared to everyone's choice of lighting is very confused, then follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to see what the lights need to pay attention to when decorating.
          The selection of lamps should first be consistent with the overall decoration style. In addition to paying attention to the style of the lamps themselves, it is necessary to look at the effects of the lights. Lamps generally account for 10% of the cost of decoration. From the perspective of power saving, it is best to choose energy-saving lights such as LEDs. The lighting has the effect of setting the atmosphere in the room, so it is necessary to install different lamps in different rooms. If you want to save electricity, it is recommended to use LED lights to save energy.
          The living room can choose chandeliers or ceiling lamps as the main source of light. The living room is an important place for leisure and meeting. The lamps are the best means of display, and the style of sublimation decoration can be better. If the living room pattern is irregular or large, the room can not be completely covered by the light, so you can choose some local lighting to solve this problem, and also play the effect of embellishment. For example, the floor lamp next to the sofa, the wall lamp on the wall, the spotlight on the chandelier or the lamp belt can be. The overall lighting of the kitchen should be brighter, and the cold light is a better choice. If the vignetting occurs due to cabinets and the like, the spotlights can be installed on the cabinets and walls.
          The lighting of the bedroom should not be too bright, it should give people a warm and comfortable feeling. The warm light is a good choice. You can choose the wall lamp and the bedside lamp as the auxiliary light source. You can choose two kinds of light sources, cool and warm, because now people The mobile phone is used more, and if the light is dim, it will hurt the eyes, so the bedroom can use incandescent light as a light source in addition to rest. The light in the bedroom is recommended to be a two-way switch, which is convenient for turning off the lights when going to the bathroom in the evening.
          The lighting of the bathroom is suitable for brighter, because the bathroom will be damp, so the choice of the lamp should pay attention to waterproof and moisture to prevent potential safety hazards.
          The lighting of the restaurant should be warmer and stimulate the appetite.
          Let me introduce you to the classification of lamps in home decoration now, which is convenient for everyone to choose.
        1, chandeliers: living room is mostly, the installation needs the height of the house can not be too short.
        2, ceiling lamp: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom can be used, very versatile.
        3, downlight: generally installed in the ceiling of the living room health home, as the adjustment of the main light source atmosphere.
        4, wall lamp: as long as the bathroom and bedroom lighting.
        5, floor lamp: used as a partial lighting, can enhance the overall atmosphere.
        6, table lamp: used as an auxiliary light source for the bedroom or study.

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