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        Wall lamp installation makes your home more warm

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        In the interior decoration, people usually prepare the corresponding lamps, the lamps are divided into two types, one is the chandelier based on lighting, and the other is the wall decoration lamp with auxiliary lighting. Perhaps everyone rarely hears about the installation of wall decoration lights, but I have definitely seen that after the wall decoration lights are installed, the interior decoration pattern can be improved, and the decoration style can be naturally over-extended.
        First, the wall decoration lamp installation method
        1. Wall decoration lamp installation - preparation
        (1) First check the wall decoration lights, focus on whether there is damage, whether the accessories are complete, count the number of parts, and prepare to install the kit.
        (2) Go to the site to inspect, plan the installation position of the wall decoration lamp, determine the approximate route, collect relevant data, be accurate, and do not make mistakes.
        (3) After the position is determined, fix the wall lamp holder at the corresponding position first, and then fix the wall lamp to the wall by using the embedded part or punching in advance.
        2. Wall decoration light installation - punching
        (1) Read the installation instructions and use the chalk to mark the position of the expansion screws on the wall according to the tips on the hanging plate of the wall lamp.
        (2) Then drill holes on the wall with electric drills, pay attention to the depth and spacing of the holes, do not make mistakes, do not drill into the wires, or you need to add a repair project.
        (3) After drilling the hole, you can start the expansion screw, insert the expansion screw into the hole that has been drilled, and then use a hammer or other thing to push the expansion screw into the wall until it is completely out of the wall. Don't miss out.
        3. Wall decoration light installation - connection
        (1) Pass the wood screws through the holes of the wall hanging plate and fix them with expansion screws. The fixing on both sides should be alternated to increase the firmness of the fixing and avoid the deviation of the wood screws.
        (2) Connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws, and then screw the optical head screws to fix the ceiling plate.
        (3) Disconnect the indoor power supply first, then connect the wires of the wall lamp and the power cable, and promptly install the wall lamp.
        (4) First check the whole to see if there are any abnormal problems, and fix each connection port again.
        4. Wall decoration lamp installation - test
        (1) First power on, check whether the lamp can be always on, if not, need further debugging, if possible, let it run first, test the circuit is smooth.
        (2) Clean up the ground and nearby garbage to maintain the cleanliness of the overall environment.
        Second, the requirements for the installation of wall decoration lights
        1. The installation height of the wall lamp is required, generally higher than the eye level of the person, about 1.8 meters.
        2. The height of the wall lamp to the working surface is 1440-1850 mm, and the height from the ground is 2240-2650 mm; if it is the wall lamp of the bedroom, the distance can be slightly adjusted, preferably controlled at around 1400-1700 mm. . 3. The distance from the wall lamp to the wall is relatively close, otherwise it is not convenient to use, the general distance is 95-400 mm.
        How to install the wall decoration lamp and what the wall decoration lamp needs to pay attention to has been explained. It has four steps, namely preparation, punching, connection and testing, etc. The overall description is simple, the language is easy to understand, I believe everyone I am already familiar with the wall decoration lamp installation process. I am afraid that everyone does not know the installation requirements of the wall decoration lamp. I also said that the actual size of the wall decoration lamp is installed. You can refer to it, but don't copy it completely, mainly based on your own experience.

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