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        What is the place to put on the bedside counter lamp?

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        Many people are used to putting a table lamp on the bed, which is not only convenient to use, but also can play a certain decorative role for the bedroom, but it is necessary to know that the bedside lamp is placed more elegantly. The following small series will tell you about the bedside counter lamp placement and the bedside table lamp on the left or right side.
        What is the emphasis on the bedside counter lamp?
        1, color and brightness
        First of all, you must understand some of the feng shui taboos before placing them. In fact, you must know that there are some differences between the bedroom lamp placement and the living room lighting. For example, the color of the light inside the bedroom can be considered yellow. We must know that yellow is also representative of soil and native gold in Chinese-style decoration Feng Shui, so the yellow light can be said to have the meaning of lucky. However, the lamps in the living room are generally not recommended to choose white, but the choice of table lamps is not the same, to know that white is more suitable for human physiological needs.
        2, choose the quantity
        The number of lamps on the bedside table in the bedroom is also somewhat particular. It is recommended to choose the singular number. Don't choose the double number. The single lamp also needs attention. It can't be arranged in a row to avoid the burning incense. . Moreover, the table lamp on the bedside table in the bedroom can't be placed close to the bed. This kind of placement will also affect the quality of people's sleep. If it is a long time, it will make people sleep better. The mood is unstable and the time is long. It is easy to get sick afterwards.
        3, the characteristics of the light source
        Nowadays, people enjoy modern lighting and avoid some adverse lighting affecting human health. When you must use the bedroom table lamp lighting, be sure to follow the following principles: With uniform lighting, each part of the illumination can best be consistent, in order to maintain stable lighting, but also to do With plenty of lighting, you must not let light shine directly into your eyes.
        Whether the bedside table lamp is on the left or right
        1. It is appropriate to put the bedside lamp in the position. In general, this lamp is used to adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom. Therefore, the bedside lamp placement is also selected according to different ways of use and placement.
        2, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere for the bedroom, then the bedside lamp should choose the warm color of the soft color, so that the light makes people look more comfortable, but also gives people a warm feeling. This kind of bedside lamp usually has a fixed position in the light of the bedroom, which is placed on each side of the bedside table, so that a good symmetry is formed.
        3. If you are used to reading the book with this desk lamp, then the bedroom lamp should be adjusted to be placed. Be aware that the bedside lamp is taller than the pillow so that its light is tilted from a height of 45 degrees, which is also the most comfortable for reading.
        Summary: Regarding the bedside counter lamp placement and the bedside table lamp on the left or right side, the relevant content is introduced to this, the bedside counter lamp placement is still paying attention to some details, so it must be considered from many aspects when placing it. Only then can we achieve the effect we want.

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